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Every two years the sector meets in Munich. In November that time had come again: The electronica 2012 opened its doors.GREWUS was taking part with a representative booth and customers, cooperation partners as well as friends of the company used the opportunity to exchange ideas. Especially the technological highlights were very well received by the visitors. The smallest accoustic SMT module was as much marvelled at as the numerous advantages of the PressFit technology. In particular, customers of the automotive industry were able to appreciate new developments in membrane and fastening technology. If you require further information material or wish to be visited by an application advisor, please get in contact with:

Our sister company SENSORIT Ltd. introduced new and proven products of the world of sensor technologies. The SENSORIT portfolio comprises ultrasound sensors, pressure gauges and knock sensors. Interested customers will receive detailed information at:

We were delighted by the great attendance at our booth. Here are some photographic memories of this year's event
From Our Staff Members
From time to time we introduce company staff members in our newsletter. This time we would like to introduce you to some of our chinese colleagues.
Ms. Song and her team take care of all aspects of sales cooperation. She is, so to speak, the sunshine and good spirit of GREWUS' production facility.
Mr. Xu is an application engineer and at the moment is undergoing advanced training in Germany for management tasks.
Mr. Li is head of Bestar Sensortech. All activities in the piezo technology department as well as the sensor technology are combined here. He is in Germany at the moment to further push cooperation with local technology specialists. Playing a leading role for these activities in Europe is SENSORIT (
Did you know ?

Free Port of Hamburg ceases to exist

When Hamburgians are greeting the new year with the New Year's Eve firework the Hanseatic city is saying goodbye to a tradition that lasted almost 125 years: The Free Port of Hamburg will be repealed effective from January 1st 2013 and becomes part of history, the Port of Hamburg is (in customs terms) transformed into a container port.
After having detached the richly traditional Speicherstadt warehouse city from the Free Port in 2003 to become part of the New Harbour City, the developments in European customs legislation since then let almost all the advantages of a freeport disappear. More than 97% of all goods in the Port of Hamburg are transshipped in containers, and except one, all container terminals are inside the Free Port zone. For freight forwarding agents and individual passenger cars the customs checkpoints merely came to be regarded as traffic obstacles. As in international trading goods are transshipped ever faster, the Hamburg Free Port has lost its meaning as an interim storage site completely and therefore also its 'raison d'être' or reason to be.

In Hamburg we say „Tschüss!“ (a distortion of the french „Adieu!“)

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