Noises generated in residential areas as a result of trucks and construction vehicles are often considered annoying. Complaints are on the increase about a noise level that is considered to be too high, particularly during off-peak periods. Commercial vehicles are often equipped with a loud acoustic signal device, intended to warn people standing behind the vehicle of danger when the reverse gear is engaged. Such back-up alarms are intended to protect life and limb; yet they are often considered to be annoying and disturbing by persons not affected.

As a specialist for a wide range of such acoustic warning devices, GREWUS is offering a really “smart” solution to this problem. FlexSmart is an intelligent back-up alarm which automatically adapts its warning sound to the surrounding sound level. In this way unnecessary noise levels, perceived as too loud in quiet residential areas, are avoided. In spite of this the desired warning effect is still achieved. The device is adjusted in such a way that the noise level lies 5-10dB above the respective surrounding noise level.

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In the case of sensitive applications, soldering processes are accompanied by a range of disadvantages caused by thermal stress, solder feed and costly production systems.

We are offering components with an alternative technology especially for our customers in the automobile industry. In this process, which is gaining in popularity, the press-fit connectors are pressed into the circuit board by means of mechanical pressure. This process can be carried out by machine as well as manually, depending on the series size and equipment. In each case a permanent, gas-tight connection is established. The spring-loaded press-fit pins guarantee sufficient mechanical stability with safe electrical contacting.

No thermal stress, no soldering process and high environmental compatibility are the essential advantages of this technology. Furthermore, no costly production systems are required. It goes without saying that we only use pins that meet the high requirements of the automobile industry and are certified accordingly.

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Our sister company SENSORIT GmbH is exhibiting at the SENSOR + TEST 2013. Please make a note of the following dates: 14th – 16th May 2013 in Nürnberg.

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In order to fulfil the needs of a demanding, global clientele, we also employ staff with particularly good knowledge of languages that aren’t so common. For example:

Elisa Santella ( speaks Italian just as well as German.
Benedikt Pohl ( spent his learning and wandering years in South America and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.
Rut Lill (rut.lill@grewus) has a good command of Swedish and Thorsten Stilke ( is a sinologist and perfected his language skills in China.

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