Grewus 2014 - Welcome to the year of Horse
Grewus 2014 - Welcome to the year of Horse An eventful year full of energy and zest for action is shaping up!

We take up this drive. One of our focal areas of research lies in the acoustics of electro cars. In the market segment of sedans with electric drive we already set the standard in China. If you are interested about this topic, please send an email to You will thus get an authoritative overview about the current development status. Using our "newsletter" outlet we will keep you informed about this approach.

The Chinese Year of the Horse is said to be a year of opportunities and challenges. All that is deemed reasonable and feasible this year should be put into action according to the motto: Do not ponder too long, act quickly and decisively. The reward will be an accelerating growth. Team spirit is especially encouraged in a horse year with the creative element wood!

As horses by nature are timid flight animals, they symbolize a nervous and restless year with a potential for increased conflicts. For this reason energy reserves should be allowed for in 2014 as well as breaks to get some fresh air. Prominent people born in the Year of the Horse include Jackie Chan, Jimmy Hendrix, Ghengis Khan, Ang Lee, Nelson Mandela, Paul McCartney, Angela Merkel, FDR and Helmut Schmidt.
Grewus warmly welcomes a new sister company - The Infinitus Traging GmbH
Grewus warmly welcomes a new sister company - The Infinitus Traging GmbH We are happy to introduce a new member of our enterprise group:

Recently, the Infinitus Trading GmbH has moved into the adjoining house next door. The focus of this sister company is on distributing innovative products in the automotive aftermarket sector, LED lighting systems as well as mould prevention.

The SENSOTRONIC line of wireless parking aid systems for trailers and caravans has positioned itself successfully in the market thanks to its easy assembly and handling and has met with an enthusiastic response from specialist periodicals for caravans, mountain biking etc.

Another mainstay of the company are LED emergency lightings for work areas and offices as well as special LED light systems for special purpose vehicles, i.e, equipment vehicles of fire rescue squads.

The latest product in the portfolio of the company is an intelligent device for the prevention of mould. SensoProtect warns the user of the potential build-up of mould spores on the wall.

If you are interested in the product lines SENSOTRONIC, Senso-Exit and SensoProtect feel free to visit the website
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