It is well known that we are experienced with acoustics. However, some readers may not know that we also deal extensively with modern light sources for special applications.

One of our key business fields is the automotive industry. The ‘commercial vehicles’ segment has particular significance at GREWUS. For heavy goods vehicles, buses and special vehicles like fire engines, we develop customized lighting systems based on LED technology. Tailored dimension-manufactured lighting, bands and panels are often used to light up equipment rooms as well as for ambient vehicle illumination and ceiling and floor lighting. Single colour and RGB LEDs are processed as well as white ones. RGB diodes offer the basic colours red, green and blue on one chip. This means a wide variety of colour combinations can be achieved.

We supply the LED strips in a complete lighting bundle, including drive circuitry and aluminium profiles together with supply lines and plugs, according to our customers’ specifications.

The advantage of using LEDs is obvious: lower power consumption, long lifetimes and high effectiveness. The technology also sees an increasing demand due to economic reasons, thanks to continual product improvements in quality and light yield.

Some practical applications for LED lights are shown in the following illustrations:

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The SENSOTRONIC wireless parking sensor system is now also available in a Trailer Edition. A key component is the patented 13 pin electrical adapter which is simply plugged in between the vehicle plug socket and the trailer plug. A secure contact is established without any adjustment to the rear lights or wiring harness, following the ‘plug & park’ principle.

The system is equipped with a rear-view camera with infrared night vision. A high quality colour monitor delivers the required information.

SENSOTRONIC PDC CS-10TE Trailer Edition can be universally applied to all 12V vehicle trailers up to 10 m (30 ft) long. All components are splash-water proof and manufactured using shock-resistant plastic. As the camera and monitor only work when reverse gear is engaged, the required electricity is reduced to a minimum. It has European type approval.

We will present this and all other models from the SENSOTRONIC equipment series at the
Caravan Salon Düsseldorf, from August 30th to September 09th 2013.
You can find us there in Halle 15, Stand B47.

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We often mention Reinhard Krüger on this page. If you want to meet him in person, you are welcome to visit us at the Caravan Salon Fair in Düsseldorf.

Reinhard Krüger is our Key Account Manager, a position that puts him in charge of Systems and Assembly units. He has been strongly involved in products associated with commercial and special vehicles for many years. If you would like to contact his team or request a personal visit at your premises, please feel free to contact at any time, or call us on one of the numbers provided.

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