Grewus 2015 - Welcome to the year of Goat
Grewus 2015 - Welcome to the year of GoatGrewus 2015 - Welcome to the year of Goat
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Grewus greatly extends its storage capacity
In order to be able to react more quickly to the needs of our customers, we commenced last year to greatly expand our on-site storage capacities. A high rack warehouse built last year, with a height of six meters (twenty feet) and a floor space of some 1000 square metres, will be doubled in capacity this year in order to meet the requirements of the automotive industry for a reliable JIT supply of our products. Some pictures should give you an impression of our new logistics centre:

Chinese New Year: Is it Goat or Sheep?
After the year of the Horse the year 2015 spotlights another hoofed four-legged animal that, due to its unspecific chinese character羊 yáng, is difficult to be nailed down. Is it a sheep, a goat or a capricorn? Only the addition of a second character puts an end to this ambiguity. But thanks to this variety we can look forward to a year full of auspicious and promising aspects. According to biological systematics sheep and goat belong to the subfamiliy Caprinae and are both part of the goat-antelope group, but the goat is rather seen as a pretty distant relative of the sheep. In depictions of the Chinese Zodiac and on red paper cuttings pasted on doors for the Spring Festival for hundreds of years you would either have sheep or goats depicted, depending on the geographic region of China.

In the Haiyantang 海晏堂area of the destroyed Old Summer Palace Yuanming Yuan圆明园in Beijing once stood a water clock fountain adorned by twelve stone statues of the Chinese Zodiac, whose bronze-cast heads spouted water for two hours each and thus told the time in a rather coarse way, as time was measured in 12 two-hour periods. In 1860 the Palace grounds were ransacked and then deliberately torched. Among the more than 1,5 million stolen treasures were also the twelve bronze-cast zodiac heads, designed by an Italian Jesuit. Since 2009 seven of these heads have miraculously reappeared at auctions and now they can be admired in museums in Beijing. After 155 years the goat/sheep heads have not yet resurfaced.

China‘s most famous sculptor and concept artist Ai Weiwei was inspired by the reappearance of the fountain heads and has endeavoured to reinterpret the dozen bronze-cast heads as an installation and sent these impressive ambassadors of the Chinese Zodiac on an exhibitions world tour. The XXL-size reproductions are 3 metre high and mounted on poles and were presented to the public at the 2010 São Paulo Art Biennal. Since then the exhibit named „Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads has been on display in the Central Park in New York City, Mexico City, London and Taibei. In 2015 it is still on the road in the United States. The “羊 yáng“-head has a striking resemblance to a mouflon or Bighorn sheep which, by the way, are not even native to China.

Those born in the Year of the Goat should in 2015 avoid to travel in a south-easterly direction and should not wear green, blue or black clothes. The North promises good luck just like the colours brown, red and purple (or lilac/mauve). Even though 2015 is the Year of the Wood Sheep/Goat, talismans or mojos made of wood shall better not be worn as they may bring trouble to the person doing so. Spicy and oily food is also considered as damaging health.

People born under this zodiac sign are generally considered likable, polite, sociable, creative and a little shy. But an old saying in China adamantly persists that nine out of ten born as Sheep/Goat are not happy, that is why Chinese who are conscious in tradition will avoid to have children born in a year of the goat or sheep.
New Product: Haptic Speaker KS 1308W
Grewus - New Product: Haptic Speaker KS 1308W
When operating touchscreens it is getting more and more important, that the user receives a „feedback“ when he is touching a virtual key. This haptic feedback is achieved by a vibration that acknowledges the keystroke and thus helps to avoid operating errrors. With common speakers vibrations are accomplished via actuators. In our production facilities we have successfully developed a haptic speaker that is able to produce haptic vibrations and acoustic signals both at the same time without employing actuators. Implemented in a very compact and flat build, the Haptic Speaker KS 1308W can be mounted on a flat surface, such as a touchscreen, that functions as a resonator. As well as acoustic signals, voice output can also be rendered in excellent sound quality. A wide range of installation options are available for our Haptic Speaker, i.e., in automotive navigation systems, touchscreens of ATMs or even in touch panels of White Goods. When employed in industrial control systems in noise-prone factory environments our product can help to greatly reduce operating errors, as the operator receives a haptic feedback every time he or she taps the touchscreen.

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