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Grewusrewus develops, designs and manufactures innovative and technically superior audio and visual signaling devices that warn, remind or alert for varied applications in many industries like automotive, commercial vehicles, white goods, medical products, telecom and EMS/ODM manufacturers. We are the leading company in its branch of industry.

Our lean-based, process-driven operations help us deliver top class acoustic products in time and at competitive prices.

The people at Grewus have a long-standing expertise and understanding of customers’ requirement. Our team compromises of acoustic specialists and highly qualified sound engineers who keep abreast with the latest technologies in the acoustic application industry.

Our innovative and creative spirit and desire to bring ideas into reality constantly guide us towards creating new and better acoustic products.

This is what our team of experts have to say
Ralf Sandomeer / Managing Director
GREWUS is an "engineer-driven" company. So one of my most challenging tasks is to maintain a healthy balance between the technical opportunities and the economic requirements.

Elisa Santella / Head of Marketing
Being the marketing director of GREWUS, my most important task is to keep customers, suppliers and employees up to date on our products and our business objectives in a most comprehensive way and with utmost transparency.

Reinhard Krüger / Key Account Manager
My personal definition of sales: to identify the customer`s needs and to exceed his expectations on a constant base.

Ralf Hinnerichs / Head of Technical Department
Quality is everything! My greatest passion is to assure that every single process in every production line has one main function: to ensure zero-defect quality.

Florian Greiling / Chairman
Three decades of experience in the Asia trade is one of the foundations of the success of GREWUS and a guarantee for the consistency and reliability of the company.
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